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Welcome to the registration portal for the Hockey Night in Richmond Membership program.


This registration process will allow you to submit your contact and payment information and start enjoying the many membership benefits.

Please note, your monthly membership payment will be charged each month on the date you initially register.  So if you register on the 10th of September, for example, your membership payment will take place each month on that date (or the first business day prior to the 10th).

FOR HNIR CAPTAINS:  Please message Jeff Nygaard by clicking on the contact link below in order to receive your custom Discount Code - Let him know if you will be registering for Membership or Single Season.



By completing this registration process you are committing to monthly payments over a 12-month term, during which you will have full membership benefits.  This 12-month term automatically renews unless you opt out of the membership by sending an email to HNIR Administrator Jeff Nygaard.  Early cancellations and refunds will not be allowed.


Jeff Nygaard

Jeff Nygaard

Hockey Administrator